About Hangár and Our 2 Beers

O nás a 2 pivech - Hangár pub
HANGÁR PUB in Prague's Letná district is a must-see for craft beer lovers. It is the brewery pub of the HANGÁR flying brewery. A "flying" brewery is a brewery that does not have its own brewery and brews its beer in friendly stone breweries.

We have at least two of our own beers on tap. But it can also happen that more than two domestic beers flow from the five taps. In any case, craft beer from small but respected Czech craft breweries is always flowing here.

The flagship of HANGÁR brewery is Knipl. Typically an India Pale Lager (IPL), it is a distinctly hoppy, bitter lager. By the way, all the names of HANGÁR beers have something to do with aviation.

The reason is that the stone brewery was supposed to be located near the Letňa airport – hence the name HANGÁR. But in the end, COVID scuppered the plans and all that remained were the airline names of the beers.

The menu usually includes Pilot, which is a classic IPA. The relatively light Tleskač with 3.7% alcohol is very popular. Regular guests praise Tleskač because it combines a strong taste with a relatively low alcohol content.

There is no cooking in the HANGÁR, with the exception of sausages, you won’t find anything warm to eat here (for now). Instead, we have classic Czech specialties such as tlachenka or utopenec. For those who don’t eat meat, we have hermoshes or vegan drownings. Another specialty of ours are pies from Melememaso, whose products win prizes at foreign food competitions.

Most of the visitors are regular guests from the area, Czechs and expats. But HANGÁR beer lovers and craft beer fans also come here from near and far.

You won’t find a TV here, even when there are World Cup or Champions League matches. People come here for beer and other guests. Or for “HANGÁR Games”: you can play steel darts, carrom, cards or dice with us. Sometimes guests bring their own board games.

At HANGÁR you can enjoy excellent Czech craft beers in a cozy atmosphere. But even here, the exception proves the rule – we don’t only tap Munich or other German beers during Oktoberfest.

If you like craft beer and pleasant company, HANGÁR in Prague is not to be missed!